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Introducing FreeTone: The Best Way to Get a Second Number for Calls and Texts

Finding time to stay in touch with friends and family members can be challenging, but it’s even more difficult when you need to maintain two phone numbers – one for personal use and another for work or client calls.

FreeTone has developed an easy way to solve this problem, making it possible to get a second number that you can use as your primary number and keep your existing number strictly personal.

Here’s what you need to know about FreeTone and how it can help you communicate better with the people you care about most!

How Does FreeTone Work?

All you need is an email address to use our service, so sign up using Facebook or Twitter if you don’t have one. Once you’re signed up, all your incoming calls and texts will be received by FreeTone.

When you respond, we send those messages back out on our own numbers at no cost. It couldn’t be easier! Don’t stress about missing important calls anymore; just give your friends or family a second number that doesn’t cost extra!

Whether you want a new number for business or personal reasons, there are plenty of reasons why people choose to get their own second phone line with FreeTone. Here are some common scenarios where having a separate phone line makes sense:

Your personal life gets complicated – You recently started dating someone new but haven’t told your spouse yet. Or maybe you had a fight with your best friend and need some space until things blow over. Maybe you just want to keep work and play separate, or want an extra number for when you travel.

Whatever your reason, we understand that sometimes privacy is important! That’s why we make it easy to have multiple numbers on one device so that only certain people can reach you at certain times.

When someone calls your second number, they won’t be able to leave a voicemail unless they know your password; if they do, they can leave a message that will be sent straight to your email inbox where it can be deleted or saved as needed.

If you use our texting service instead of calling, all texts are encrypted so no one else can read them!

Who is This Number For?

If you’re constantly getting bombarded with calls from telemarketers, or your significant other isn’t used to calling from their own phone, FreeTone is here to help.

Our unique service gives you access to a second number so that you can keep your private line free while still being able to answer calls when they come in.

Whether it’s business-related or personal, family-based or friend-based; if you want an alternative number, we have one waiting just for you.

That way, even if someone doesn’t have your contact information saved in their phone yet, they can still reach out whenever they need something.

It’s never been easier to manage all of your communications without having to juggle two different phones! For more information on how to get started, click here.

We’re #1: In addition to providing great service at affordable prices, we offer some of the best deals around. No matter what package you choose, our rates are always competitive – but there are additional ways to save!

For example, did you know that new customers who refer a friend will receive $10 off their first month? What about those who pay annually instead of monthly?

They get $20 off each month as long as they remain subscribers. These perks aren’t available anywhere else – which means they’ll be gone soon if you don’t act fast! Sign up today before these limited time offers expire and start saving big right away!

How Can I Use it?

Having two phone numbers can be really useful. With all of our work, school, and family responsibilities nowadays, it’s difficult to make time for friends or date nights.

Having two phone numbers is like having your cake and eating it too; you get to keep in touch with all of your contacts while still managing your busy schedule.

But getting another number comes with costs—big ones that could really hurt your bank account if you’re not careful. How would you like an extra phone number without paying fees?

Introducing FreeTone, a second number that allows you to enjoy all of these great benefits without breaking your budget. FreeTone gives you a real U.S.-based cell phone number that lets you make calls and send texts from any device at no cost!

You also get free voice mail, caller ID, call forwarding, and more! If you already have a cell phone plan with one carrier but want to switch carriers (or just want an additional line), FreeTone can help there too.

It works as a secondary line on any major carrier in America so you won’t have to change anything about your current plan or service provider!

Plus, it has some awesome features including voicemail-to-text transcription so you don’t have to listen through long messages when driving or doing other things where listening isn’t practical.

What Apps Does it Work With?

Any application that uses your standard phone number as an identifier. This includes FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, Google Voice and many others. With FreeTone’s virtual phone number service there are no accounts to setup or apps to download.

It all happens behind-the-scenes in a seamless fashion. In fact, we don’t even have an app. That’s right – no app! And when you get multiple numbers (we’ll show you how) it can all be done in just minutes without any extra steps.

How Much Does it Cost?: You can get unlimited calls and texts from your computer for free. Or if you want to use your phone too, we offer several low-cost options starting at $4/month with over 40 different area codes available including those from Australia, India, Canada & much more.

Now Available on Mobile Devices Too!: Whether you’re on iOS or Android devices now anyone in your household can enjoy a second line with their own area code number completely free of charge!

Is There Any Cost to Using this Service?

If you are asking yourself is there any cost to using this service? then there is no need to worry. There is absolutely no subscription fee associated with use of our product.

Our company has set it up so that individuals can call, text, or use data as much as they want at no charge. We understand that many companies still provide their employees with business lines which charge per minute or text, so we are confident that FreeTone will benefit all users regardless of line type or carrier.

Also keep in mind that we have access to hundreds of domestic and international phone numbers which means you will never be charged outrageous international rates when using your new second number on an international call or while roaming abroad. No matter what your needs may be, you will find FreeTone’s services beneficial.

I’m not sure if I should purchase my own SIM card or port my current one over to your system: Asking yourself should I purchase my own SIM card or port my current one over to your system?

There is nothing wrong with either option. When signing up for our service you have two options regarding obtaining a SIM card from us.

Who are the People Behind this Service?

If you’re looking at your phone now, thinking, Hey, I could really use a second number for calls and texts, then you probably want it to be as cheap as possible. Lucky for you, that’s exactly what FreeTone provides!

Their first-class customer service comes from a team of people who genuinely care about providing excellent service. This means that if something goes wrong on their end, they will make sure it is fixed ASAP—no questions asked. In fact, when we asked them about their history and future goals of their company they responded with We are not going anywhere until our customers are 100% satisfied.

They also stated that their goal was to provide an affordable solution for people in all walks of life, including those who need multiple numbers for business purposes or just to separate personal and professional contacts. And best of all?

They offer free texting between users. So whether you’re trying to keep your business contacts separate from your personal ones or just have two different groups of friends, getting a second number has never been easier or more affordable than with FreeTone!

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