How daily life things are actually made in Factories.

How daily life things are actually made in Factories.

daily life things

We use a lot of things that we know the benefits of, but how hard they work and with what technique they are made that very few of us know, so let’s take a look at the manufacturing process of the five products that we Use almost daily.

The first idea of ​​Arabic came to an industrial engineer in a week when he was driving with his family and got into an accident. Everyone survived the accident but this incident The engineer came up with the idea of ​​making airbags.

Two years later, he developed an airbag that could be used with the help of the inside of a tire, but the problem was that the process took a long time and very little time at the time of the accident.

No station could solve this problem for many years to come, but then in 1960 an American engineer came up with the idea that he could see the chemical sodium cyanide inside the correction of his fear of a gas produced by a chemical express.

By putting it in the car, Acer gives an electrical signal at the time of the accident. Electrical signals There’s been an explosion in it that doesn’t produce nitrogen gas, and it blows the airbag right away. From sleeping until it swells up.

The airbag can be forgotten five times in time. Then a committee is also quite easy which is made in the hadith.

This material is kept thicker than other duties. One thousand niles at a time. This material is made from these books.

If even one wash is broken in it, then Sindh immediately shuts down the machine. Of course, where does this machine come from? But still, it is made with a run of only eight meters in an hour.

This process happens. After the process is complete, the baby is washed. After the visit, there is no progress. Therefore, it is also taught by passing over it and it causes troubles.

The cutting is done. You then spread out the restaurant card, after which the head is passed through large ounces. Become a driver and be different in company life.

The size and different size of the airbase cutting computer machine cut each one according to the same size.

Now let’s talk about aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is so thin that even a little bit of pressure can tear it. The small decisions of aluminum itself are called in English.

They are made in France. It takes eight hours for aluminum to become a country. After that, the league people filter and clean them. Each block of booty weighs seven and a half tons, which is lifted with the help of a crane and placed on a milling machine.

The hair is slowly thinned. After each round, these rolls come closer to each other. The centimeter thick aluminum block is surprisingly pressed up to five centimeters after passing through the machine only fifteen times.

The date sheet is then passed through a separate milling machine to thin the file sheet. Now the aluminum foil becomes so thin that it Is forced on the side of the key but with the help of a cutter blade it is also cut into different sizes and its teams are also cut apart by cutting the side from the other end of the machine.

Yes, the answer is absolutely ready to use. Let’s find out how powerful a report about the manufacturers of bulletproof glass is that it does not pierce the thick bullet of this thing, so why not make a hole in two eyelids class. Patient bulletproof glass

The special thing is that the ballot can’t do it. First a normal class is added and I am painted because I went out. It is much easier than the sexy De G Street street class. Is placed above but also a set of TV is inserted between them.

The truth here can not only connect these areas but also the copy makes it a friend. Four bank classes and 3 PV sets. The assistant’s setting is tagged and written on top of it. It is well airtight. Now it’s time to get all the air out of this plastic border with the help of an air vent And then it is put in a big container.

The air pressure inside it is 80 times ten times higher than ours and its temperature comes in 2018. Let’s say this and also the pressure wife and the glass together.

The first four glass towers used to send three oils, so now they all become one unit and single seat like you is called bullet proof glass. If not, I am blessed with bullet proof glass.

If tested from the beginning argument wiki forget in the whole class and the wife of twenty also stops the sheet pill than the last glass sheet did not hurt you Barat now talk beautiful balance Also called a pencil, it doesn’t actually have a inside, it’s just a black stone that was made in the first racism because the fire results look almost the same.

Earlier people thought that he wanted to lay down in pencil. This confusion would be for Seventeen. But still most people call pencil as lead pencil.

Who made this bud? When it is asleep, it is passed through the holes in the shape of a latte with the help of pressure. With the help of this machine, lathes of exactly the same size come out. It is also used to make color pencils, but only in the open space of cricket and the use of color.

This is the reason why it is kept just thick for the N-League race because it breaks easily. Now it is the turn of the machine to make pencils. Then in these ducts

Macros are installed and then the palace is seated and a wooden seat is placed on top of it. Now they are put in a big rail and taught well so that the flood and the land are well strengthened. Malik Majeed is turned to the place where he was found.

The mill machine cuts in this way to make a separate pencil. After that, his race is colored and then they become colored. In the whole process, special care is taken for the quality in which the land is tested and the end is trapped and thrown away.

There is also a great science behind how these pure white sugars are made. And the juice is extracted from it. There is still a lot of activity left in this sugar cane juice, such as clay, rock or sand particles. Is and it is mixed in the solution of the line.

After completing one which turns yellow from Taklam and meanwhile its pH level also becomes normal. Now this thing is put in a tank for two hours. Abbas Hafiz is taken out where all the age test sands inside it are separated from the sand and stones and collected on the photo while the survivors are not so much but it is used as fertilizer.

It all goes into a big balance where it is walled up so much that water has to come out of it and this kind of book goes to Facebook.

To get the white colors out of it, it is called a smile, which is beaten by the sugar and then added by another machine. This machine works like a machine like the ones in a washing machine.

It drains water out of fast warm clothes. In the same way this machine works. Why is it called a problem?

If Pesco ARPMPA is found, when is the remaining water?

Comes out of the holes while the white case of sugar accumulates inside the oppression but in the election of the President this soil is now quite high that is why it is passed through hot air to dry which The sugar level becomes normal.

You are ready for baking tomorrow but with the help of the machine more than two lakh packets can be made in a fine day. Audience. You will also share this video in full.

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