Sony Pledges to Double the Quantity of Games for Mobile by 2025

Sony Pledges to Double the Quantity of Games for Mobile by 2025

Sony Pledges

It isn’t just the upcoming release of new games on mobile platforms that has got people talking. The company has promised to double its production of mobile games by 2025, and they’re putting plans into motion for that to happen through a new enterprise unit within Sony IE. It will be led by Nicola Sebastiani, who was most recently the head of content material at Apple. This new enterprise unit will work with Sony’s future community.

Sony’s new IP strategy

Sony’s new IP strategy for mobile games is based on the stable growth of its Game segment, which has generated over $800 million in revenue in FY’19. Specifically, Sony is planning to invest half of its PlayStation Studios budget into new IP by 2025. This new approach is based on cross-platform gaming and a broader audience, as opposed to focusing on exclusives that target the PlayStation platform.

While many developers are focused on PC games, there’s a growing mobile gaming market. Sony has a huge library of PlayStation IP that it’s been developing for 25 years. The company wants to bring those IPs to mobile platforms as a way to complement its AAA games and capture the rapidly growing mobile market.

Sony’s new IP strategy for mobile games will likely include the development of smartphone games. Sony has been hiring mobile game developers since last year and the first fruits of this strategy will come out soon.

As the PlayStation era is coming to a close, the company is expanding its portfolio by bringing iconic IPs to mobile. Jim Ryan, head of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), discussed the plans to bring its game franchises to mobile in the current business year, which ends in March 2022. If successful, the company will likely launch a God of War mobile game or a Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart mobile game.

The partnership between Discord and PlayStation studio Bungie shows how gaming and socialization can coexist. The news about the new partnership was well received and the company plans to continue expanding these areas. Sony also plans to expand its IP portfolio with mobile games and even teases the arrival of PlayStation franchises on mobile.

The partnership between Bungie and PlayStation is one of the best examples of this new IP strategy. If this continues, it is likely that more players will want to interact with each other while playing their favorite games.

Its acquisition of Bungie

The acquisition of Bungie, which was announced earlier this year, will allow Sony to leverage the development expertise of the studio. Sony plans to release 12 new live service games by 2025, doubling the number of mobile games in this time frame. The new game IP is expected to be more diverse than its predecessors, so this acquisition will help the company expand its mobile game portfolio.

The new company will incorporate Bungie’s expertise in live service games and other live-service games. They plan to operate 12 live-service games simultaneously by 2025. The studio will also be responsible for acquiring Haven Studios, a developer of live services for the PlayStation. In addition to their existing work on live service games, Bungie will also be able to utilize Bungie’s expertise across their other operations.

Bungie is a key brand in the video game industry and has a devout fan base. While Sony’s acquisition of Bungie is a major move, the company still has a long way to go before reaching its ambitious goals. While it’s true that Bungie didn’t always get along with its previous bosses, the team has developed strong relationships with Sony and will be able to leverage this to improve their own games.

The studio is also working on an unannounced project. As mentioned earlier, it’s likely that this investment will be a major factor in the company’s decision to buy Bungie. Bungie has successfully navigated every phase of the gaming industry while maintaining its own identity and creative freedom. It’s a win-win for both parties. Bungie also promises to continue supporting competing platforms.

Its hiring of a ‘head of mobile’

It’s possible that Sony’s hiring of a ‘Head of Mobile’ demonstrates its desire to focus on mobile gaming. The company has not done much with its PlayStation franchises, except for the mobile port of Uncharted: Fortune Hunter. But now the company is ready to double down on its mobile business, hiring a ‘Head of Mobile’ to develop and implement a strategic plan.

The move to focus on the mobile sector comes amid reports that Sony plans to cut 1,100 jobs from its Mobile Communications business. The company has already announced plans to reduce its mobile workforce to 5,000 by March 2016. Sony has a long history of focusing on the high-end market, but has been cutting back on new Xperia models in recent years. While the company has a strong brand in the mobile industry, it’s increasingly battling with rivals such as Apple and Samsung Electronics.

Its plans to create 12 live service franchises

The recent acquisition of Bungie has led to plans to integrate its expertise into future games. Sony’s Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has outlined the company’s near future and said it will focus on constantly evolving online games like Destiny. By the end of next year, the company will dedicate 49% of its PlayStation Studios development budget to creating live service franchises. By 2025, the company aims to have 12 such franchises.

The new live service model could potentially prove a huge headache for the PlayStation brand. The company’s current focus is on single-player games, and while those AAA games are still selling well, they aren’t long-term revenue streams. The shift to live service games would appear to signal that the company is finally taking its business model seriously. Ultimately, however, the live service concept may be more challenging to sustain than many players may imagine.

Nevertheless, Sony is also aiming to produce live service franchises for its PlayStation brands. The company is working on multiple live service games at the moment. One such studio is Naughty Dog, which is known for its cinematic single-player games. These titles are expected to be incredibly popular. And, Sony has no shortage of ideas for live service titles. Sony is also planning to make some games for the PlayStation PC.

According to its FY2023 financial results, PlayStation will release two major single-player games and one for Xbox Live. However, only MLB The Show 22 is a live service franchise. The company hopes to change that in the next three years. The goal is to increase the number of SIE live service franchises to six by FY 2023, nine by FY 2024, and 12 by FY 2025.

Its acquisition of Bluepoint

The deal also comes with a lot of expectations, but Sony’s acquisition of Bluepoint could make this possible. The new studio will be lead by former Apple Arcade head Nicola Sebastiani, who has a track record of developing mobile games. The goal is to double the number of mobile games the company makes by 2025, and it will make this happen through a variety of means.

The studio behind Halo Infinite and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has a great history of mobile gaming, and with this new studio, Sony has the perfect opportunity to continue that tradition. Bungie’s IP strategy will be similar to Naughty Dog’s, which means that they’ll concentrate on mobile gaming. Sony’s acquisition of Bluepoint will make mobile games available to more gamers, but will also be less crowded than their mobile counterparts.

With the addition of Bungie to its team, Sony has a better chance of making mobile games with live services. The company plans to operate 12 live service franchises by 2025, up from three this year. While this is a huge undertaking, it will be an important step in the company’s long-term strategy. While Sony is focusing on exclusive IP, the company is also pushing into ongoing games, like Destiny.

While the company’s hardware division has been hit by a tough time in recent years, the PlayStation brand is holding strong. The gaming division, which houses the PlayStation brand, has had an outstanding holiday quarter and posted the second highest quarterly revenue, operating profit, and demand spike in its history. In addition, the PlayStation division has soared to new heights with $7.15 billion in revenue and operating income.

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