Get a second number with Textme – it’s easy and free!

Get a second number with Textme – it’s easy and free!


Textme is the free app that gives you a second number to use for texting, and it’s available on iPhone and Android phones. With Textme, you can give your work number to your boss, use it to chat with old friends, or even create multiple numbers from one phone – it’s up to you!

No more juggling two phones or memorizing numbers. Just download Textme and use your new second number whenever you want!

Why Use a Second Number?

Sometimes all you need is to have another way to reach someone. Maybe your phone is broken, or maybe you’re just looking for some additional privacy. With a secondary number, your calls and texts are all routed through an app (available on iPhone, Android & BlackBerry) so that only you have access to that number.

You’ll know who’s calling before answering, there will be no more spam texts from unknown numbers (or even worse, telemarketers), and if you ever get into an uncomfortable situation or if someone threatens to harm you in any way—your real number is never compromised. Plus, with unlimited texting within North America, you can send as many messages as you want without worrying about overages.

So whether you want to make sure people don’t see your personal information or if you simply want to communicate without giving out your real number—you can do both by using Textme!

How to Add Another Number on Android and iPhone

If you already have an iPhone or Android, you can add another number to your device through Google Voice or a similar service. If you want to use these services for texting, there’s no better time than now: iOS 6 will soon integrate iMessage with all of your other Apple devices.

That means you won’t have to worry about syncing texts from one device to another—they’ll all be in one place. However, if privacy is your goal and you’re looking for something totally separate from your main phone number, use of these services may not fit into your lifestyle. Here are some tips on how to get started

How Does It Work?

To use TextMe, you’ll need to set up an account. Then, you can browse other users’ numbers, look at their profiles, or select one of them to call or text. It’s that simple! TextMe also allows you to create circle groups where everyone in your circle is able to send texts back and forth between each other in real time.

You can also choose exactly which people are in your circle group – no more uncomfortable meetings with someone who could have sensitive information about your business or personal life. For example, if one of your friends becomes famous (you never know!),

They’ll be in your circle so only you have access to their new contact info if they want it kept private from everyone else who might ask for it on Twitter. The possibilities are endless when it comes to how you can use Circle Groups – what will you do?

Why Are There Ads?

When you download apps on Android, there are certain permissions that apps must request in order to run properly. This is often why ads appear when you install an app, because they’re requesting access to your data.

When you get a second phone number through TextMe, we take care of all those permissions for you so that they don’t appear while installing. You’ll never see another ad again. And if an ad appears in other Android apps or games (likely not), just remember it doesn’t mean anything special is happening with your data.

It just means that whoever wrote that app isn’t as careful about their requests as we are. Now go make more friends! They’re going to love talking to you on your new phone number 🙂 Note: In addition to being able to create a second number for yourself, TextMe can also give you an unlimited amount of additional numbers for use with our group chat feature.

What does unlimited mean?: That depends entirely on how many people will be using them. A lot of our users have multiple different groups with dozens of members each and we’ve never had any problems at all scaling up from 5 users per group to 100+ users per group. We’ve also tested larger groups running into thousands of members and found no performance issues even after several months use by everyone involved.

Do I Need Data To Use This App?

No, you don’t need data to use Textme. The app is designed for texting, not for data. This means that you can use your cellular network or wifi to text through Textme. In terms of functionality, what changes?

You won’t be able to see who else is using Textme in your area or find new people by swiping left or right, but those aren’t features that are built into most texting apps anyway.

You can do everything else such as read and reply to texts sent to your main phone number (including group messages) on your smartphone. If you want to change phone numbers, then sure—you’ll need some kind of cellular data connection (wifi will work in a pinch).

Just keep in mind that if you switch phone numbers, you’ll lose all contacts associated with your old number. Also, if someone has saved your number under their contact list, they may have to re-save it under their new contact info.

There’s no way around that—but they should still be able to text you even after changing their contact info if they have saved your number before. One last thing: You can only add one secondary phone number per account.

What Devices Can I Use?

The good news is that you can use TextMe on any mobile device that runs iOS, Android, or Windows Phone 7. I’m not sure if there are any devices not supported by our service but we’re always looking for ways to expand our footprint.

You can use your current phone number (if you have one) or even get a new one just for your new text message service account. If you do decide to change numbers though, please note that you may need to contact everyone in your phone book so they know to start texting you at [your new Number].

Hope that helps! Do let us know if there’s anything else we can help with. We’re here to serve! How Much Does It Cost?: There’s no cost to sign up for an account. And once you’ve got your new messaging service all set up, every single message sent from it will be completely free of charge.

We don’t believe in charging people for simple text messages because communication should be seamless and reliable, regardless of where you are or what device you’re using. When you pay a cell phone bill each month, those fees go towards keeping your carrier’s network operating smoothly—not paying individual users for sending texts back and forth.

Plus our servers take care of storing all of your messages securely without charging anyone anything extra! Oh yeah…and we’ll never spam anyone either 🙂 Thanks again for being a part of TextMe! Tell us how we did?

Any Other Questions?

If you’re not sure about something in your life, don’t just leave it unanswered. Make a list of all of your known unknowns, then ask around to friends or family if they can help you figure out an answer.

Ask them how you should approach your relationship or financial situation, for example. You might be surprised by how much clarity an outside perspective can give you. It never hurts to talk things through before making decisions that affect your personal and professional lives alike!

It doesn’t have to stop there, either: List anything else you want answers to but aren’t sure where to start looking—for instance, How do I deal with my annoying co-worker? Do I really like my job?

Why am I always late getting started on weekend mornings? The answers may surprise you! Keep working on listing your other unknowns.

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